Tractors for Africa

TFA Dream Team

In 2012, I spent seven months helping African farmers produce more food through agronomic advice and crop insurance.

In 2015, I joined two former Cargill co-workers and I started a non-profit organization called Tractors for Africa. Our organization has one clear, simple goal: to help African farmers produce food by sending them used American farm equipment.We shipped our first container of equipment to Burkina Faso on April 11th, 2016. It will arrive on June 15th, and will serve a cooperative of 10 farmers.

It is our belief that Africa must climb out of poverty on its own accord using its own resources. Farmland is Africa’s most under-utilized resource, giving it the potential to cure poverty. Less than 1 in 100 farmers in Burkina Faso has access to a tractor, and the national average corn yield is just 13% that of the US.

Two of us, Louis Ricard and I, will travel to Burkina Faso on June 19th to teach the farmers proper use and maintenance of the equipment. The results will be carefully measured and compared to the previous seven years of cooperative data. If the project achieves its objectives, we will seek funding to send more equipment in the years to come.

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